September 23, 2010


The Boombox Hearts are playing a semi-acoustic concert at Nørrebro Bryghus tonight at 9 pm. Wish I could go. Especially after watching those videos!

The very-soon-ready-to-be-shipped 7” Get-to-Bed Birds will be the last ever (I believe) release by The Lucksmiths. Out on Matinée Recordings and the title track was originally included on the magnificent Matinée Grand Prix compilation. Get-to-Bed Birds is sheer brilliance and so vintage The Lucksmiths that it’s impossible to add anything that hasn’t already been said.
+ Get-to-Bed Birds

When (not if) you visit the Matinée page to order the aforementioned single, don’t forget to order the equally soon-ready-to-be-shipped 7” single Life Returns To Normal by Northern Portrait. Interestingly the band’s rendition of Some People, which originally was recorded for the Buffetlibre Rewind project, is included on the single.
+ Some People (Cliff Richard cover)

The debut album Travels in Lowland by The Migrant is out now. The release will be supported by a series of gigs around the US, which I believe is quite rare for a Danish artist?
+ The Organ Grinder
+ In The Sun

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