October 6, 2010

Get in line for the sunshine...

The Ginger Ninja concert Friday evening was brilliant, as the four boys gave quite a performance. They promised to bring a party and this was exactly what they did. A few of my friends were somewhat skeptical before the show, but it didn't take long before they had all been won over by the string of catchy songs and the band’s immediate charm. How I wish other bands would bring the same energy and presence with them on stage as the Ninja’s. I won’t try to convince anyone that they are inventing or reinventing (for that matter) anything. Obviously they are not! And I very much doubt that they will be featured in any history books 25 years from now. But right here, right now? They just make life so much more fun and an evening spent with the band is definitely an evening well spent. Sorry about the picture. I should have brought my camera rather than trusting my phone to do the trick.
+ Sunshine (Eumig & Chinon Remix)
+ OnePlusOneIsThree

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