November 3, 2010

This and that...

So I ended up not going to the Warpaint concert last night after all. I’m dead tired today, so going would probably have killed me. And staying at home watching the Champions League game between FC København and FC Barcelona wasn’t the worst imaginable alternative. Check Frank's review of the Warpaint debut album The Fool.

Pitchfork shares the lead track of the forthcoming single by Acid House Kings. Are We Lovers or Are We Friends? is the first new release by the band since ages. Out on Labrador on December 7 and right now I’m just waiting for the mandatory promo mail and the free download!
+ This and That

Update: Here we go...
+ Are We Lovers or Are We Friends?

Tempomatador shares the pre-mix of new track Det har jeg lært (så det er sandt). Actually the song is not quite new, as it's an updated (and even better) version of De sidste glade dage af Romerriget, which was originally recorded under the alias Mikkel Max og Drømmenes Bodega. The band seems to be gaining momentum and will be playing at Rust on Saturday and at Huset on November 17.
+ Det har jeg lært (så det er sandt)

Childish Delight is Eumig & Chinon's contribution to this month's edition of One for the dance floor I'd say!
+ Childish Delight

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