November 10, 2010

Various bits...

Been feeling awful since Friday, but seems like the cold is retreating. Perfect timing, as I’m going to see The National at KB-Hallen tomorrow night. Wouldn’t really be the same if I was sneezing, coughing and having a stuffy nose! Should be (definitely will be) a blast!
+ Bloodbuzz Ohio
+ Fake Empire

New single Zimmerman by Entakt has been added to the P3 and P4 playlists. Unfortunately it's yet not available for streaming (or buying if anyone does that anymore) anywhere, but the video for the song will be published next Saturday (November 20). Worth noting as the band has have difficulties in the past getting airplay!

This is somewhat unusual. A Danish band singing in Danish has a song remixed by a fellow Dane. OK perhaps that’s not quite unusual. But said remix being released by a major US music website certainly is! Though you can of course argue that no one understands a word what Under Byen is singing anyway, thus making the whole "singing in Danish" part irrelevant. Download the Kasper Bjørke remix of Alt Er Tabt at Stereogum.
+ Alt Er Tabt

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