December 3, 2010

Champagne news...

I know I’ve mentioned Champagne Riot quite a few times recently. But for a real good reason as things are happening. Good things!

First of all the duo will be supporting The Drums on their European Tour in December. They’ll be at a sold out Lille Vega on the 9th. Bring it to the masses boys!

The first or (as the band prefers to call it) debut EP as a duo will be out on Matinée Recordings sometime in January and will be named Confessions of a Poker Pro. To be a 5-track affair featuring the tracks Confessions of a Poker Pro, Heart Stab, A Friend of a Friend, The Champagne Anthem and Ingrid Bergman. Especially the decision to include the last (and my definite favorite) track made me all smiles!

On a side note. Paris and I, which was the actual debut EP of Champagne Riot, is still available from Shelflife Records.
+ Scandinavian Warfare

Finally the band offers new track Moonstruck as a free download. Plans are to include on some later release (most likely as a stand-alone single), but for now it’s a freebie.
+ Moonstruck

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