December 15, 2010

Music and life...

Not sure for how long those Roskilde “excursions” will continue. Yesterday was my fourth and last one of the year, but probably will have to go there once a week in January as well as in February (at least). What I’m doing there you ask? As written before it (unfortunately) has nothing to do with a well-known festival. Instead it's a tad more serious, as I’m the "stand-in" for a colleague, who underwent a rather complicated operation earlier this month. He’s doing fine now, but his recovery is going to take a while or longer (whatever that means exactly).

Enough about the challenges of real life and let’s shift our focus back to some music...

Two tracks by Crushed Stars are currently listed among my current favorite tracks (check the right column, if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and if I could I would add the entire Convalescing In Braille album to the list. But a) I’m not allowed to share more tracks than the two already shared and b) it would look pretty stupid; wouldn’t it? The album is dark, moody, melancholic and stunningly beautiful!
+ Eyeliner
+ Crushed Stars
+ 99 Red Ballons (Nena cover) (non-album track)

It’s been a long time coming (release party was held more than a year ago), but the debut album Australia by Tellus about the Moon is finally available for purchasing. Released by new indie label Dalahäst (Dalecarlian horse) Records, which I assume (but obviously don’t know) is the band’s own?
+ Golden Rule

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