January 4, 2011


First day at work of the new year (that was yesterday) pretty much turned out to be exactly like I expected it to be; chaotic and unpleasantly reminding me that busy days are fast approaching. Things have been exactly the same for the past many years, so hardly a surprise. But still I’m trying to get used to it and most likely never will!

Don’t make New Year’s resolutions any longer, as the last one I made (a few years back) was that I wanted to gain 20 kilos (44 lbs). Not by working out but instead through eating and drinking (the fun way). But my wife said no (and of course a whole lot more), so it kinda ended there. So since I’m no longer allowed to make any funny ones, then why make any at all?

But I promise (unless of course you consider this a threat) that I’ll do my utmost to keep the blog alive for another year and perhaps (please note: I wrote perhaps, thus not promising anything) even try to improve the quality of the content...and reduce the whining. Though the last part could prove difficult!

Over and out and back to work…

ps. thank you to whomever it was who clicked the Google ad yesterday!

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mp3hugger said...

Welcome back, I look forward to your future posts - always find some good stuff on here. Happy new year.