January 12, 2011

Bits and pieces...

First a brief update on two of the bands mentioned in my recent “whatever happened to” post.

I did mention that Us With Millions split up, but has since learned that the main reason was the band members lacked the motivation to carry on with the project, when no label was prepared to release their debut album. I’ve (sort of) suggested that they should try to release it themselves on (e.g.) bandcamp, but I doubt if that’s ever going to happen, as I expect the project to be buried and forgotten. The band has mailed me their last recording or, in their own words, “swan song”, which has that very typical Us With Millions sound!
+ Phoenix

Yesterday I received a mail from The Holiday Show bringing the sad (but again, not so unexpected) news that they have split up as well. Apparently musical differences was the reason for the break-up, but all four band members are still involved in music, so we're probably going to hear more from the guys in various disguises at some later point!
+ Snookerstar

Check out this fine Twin Shadow remix of Oh Land's White Nights. Seems like the release of her US debut has been rescheduled and will be out March 15 instead!
White Nights - Twin Shadow Remix by Oh Land

Why hasn't Bright Eyes included Denmark on his upcoming tour? Doubt he'll have any problems selling out a venue here! Btw. Did you remember to download great new track Shell Games?

Since I've started whining; The Paings of Being Pure at Heart isn't coming to Denmark either. I've always said that this band can do nothing wrong, but not coming to Denmark is a major blunder (at least if you ask me)...
+ Higher Than The Stars

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