January 19, 2011


Been real busy the past couple of days as work has been taking its toll. It’s frustrating at times, but just to keep things in perspective I keep telling myself that work pays the bills. Not that it makes me any happier, but I should be old enough by now to understand that, from time to time, one has to do things one does not enjoy doing.

A Classic Education will be supporting British Sea Power on the band’s US tour this spring. The new is accompanied with a free download of new track I Lost Time, which is beautiful, dreamy and has a kind of 60’s feel to it. So a typical A Classic Education track you could say!
+ I Lost Time

More beautiful and dreamy pop music for you on this tired Wednesday morning, as wonderful folk-pop constellation High Highs shares brand new track Flowers Bloom. Imagine lying comfortably on your back on a carpet of soft green grass gazing at the clouds drifting by while listening to this...
+ Flowers Bloom

Leisure Alaska guitarist dondreas has entered this remix in the “remix Ginger Ninja’s Wet Like a Dog” contest at BandBase.
+ Wet Like a Dog (dondreas remix)

Long time Hits In The Car favorite Tower of Foil has released their first ever video. It's for new single Sunday Love and it is quite DIY(ish) and really, really nice! Check the band's homepage for more (several) free downloads.

+ Sunday Love

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