February 16, 2011

Breathe and forget...

The Raveonettes are back and will release new album (their fifth) Raven in the Grave on April 5. When I heard first promo track off the album, the gorgeous Forget That you’re Young, I immediately thought “man, this is so vintage Sharin and Sune”. Then when I received the first promo mail (of probably a dozen), I learned that I was all wrong because “…the familiar bombastic beats and squalls of guitar-noise take a backseat…”. Damn! I never get these things right; do I?
+ Forget That You're Young

So maybe I’ve pigeonholed The Raveonettes, but I doubt I’ll ever make the same mistake with fellow Danish band The William Blakes. Give new single The Light (Plane to Spain) below a listen and then compare it to the title track of forthcoming album Music Wants To Be Free (Breathe), and you’ll probably agree they don’t sound anything alike. But the band has always made a virtue out of doing exactly what they please, which seems to ring true more than ever!
+ Music Wants To Be Free (Breathe)

The Light (Plane To Spain) by TheWilliamBlakes

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