February 2, 2011


Fragile, a new track by The Blueflowers, can be streamed from the band’s Facebook page. Taken from their forthcoming album In Line With The Broken-Hearted. Still 5 days left to make up your mind, whether or not you want to help fund the album.

The William Blakes is this month’s guest contributor at mixtoverdener.dk, using samples from Danish composer Anders Brødsgaard to create their own version (or rather own unique work) called Music Wants To Be Free (Breathe). The track will be included on the band’s fourth album due sometime later this year (I suppose)…
+ Music Wants To Be Free (Breathe)

Physical copies of The Moonstruck EP by Champagne Riot have finally arrived at the Matinée Recordings HQ and are ready to be shipped (once you have placed your order of course!)…The entire EP can be streamed from the Champagne Riot website.
+ Moonstruck


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