February 12, 2011

Saturday sixpack...

Spent several hours last night checking promo mails and to tell the truth; what a bumpy ride it was. I really tried to be open-minded, unbiased, flexible, tolerant etc. in a way I honestly doubt I’ve ever been before. But still it was tough as hell finding six tracks I felt was worth sharing. I know I’ve written this many times before, but some of the songs are of such poor quality that the promo stuff has to be mailed out with either great naivety or with tongues firmly in cheeks. In the end I did manage to find these six tracks (quite a mixed bag they are) and though neither song will get any further introduction I still hope you’ll check them out, because it sure was hard work finding them!
+ The Voluntary Butler Scheme - To the Height of a Frisbee (Dan Le Sac remix)
+ More Amor - Young Hollywood
+ Basia Bulat - Heart Of My Own
+ Death Kit - Devadasi
+ Digits - Rachel Marie
+ Houses - Soak It Up

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Jini said...

found your blog thru SHUFFLER. i think i'll be visiting often. thanks for the music!