February 24, 2011

Today I'll...

...once again drinks loads and loads of coffee. Sleeping well these days (nights), but still I'm tired like never before.

...of course get some work done. This is the busy season for people like me!

...listen to ace new single Saint Song by Cartridge at least a dozen times. Stream it and let’s tap our feet together.

Saint Song by Cartridge

...give The People’s Key a listen. One reviewer claims it is simply one the best Bright Eyes albums; which I believe is quite something!

...try to make up my mind whether or not I like the new Figurines track New Colors.

...be happy that the download link at Burlesque Records for the Refractory Period by The Sexual Outlaws is finally up and running. But at the same time be a wee bit disappointed that the EP contains the exact same tracks as those available from the band’s webpage.

...give the free be the one EP by Moby another listen.


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