March 31, 2011

RAC vs. Peter Bjorn & John...

Impossible to tell how many times (∞) I’ve whined about how much I hate remixes. But why this hatred you ask? Two reasons really. First of all; it’s pure torture listening to 99.99% of them as they are just plain bad. Second; I’ve never been and never will be a fan of mediocre stuff cluttering my inbox. However (and thankfully) one exemption exists. Should you happen to be the lone music interested soul on the planet, who has yet to be introduced to the miracles of Mr. Anjos and his RAC remixes; this is your chance. Unlike most other remixers, who usually end up with something bearing no or very little resemblance to the original version, he instead (as I hear it) tries to make the songs sound like they would have, had he been in charge of the production. Thus trying to create something that is not complete torture and a waste of time, which more often than not has led to rather amazing versions sounding friendlier, happier, more danceable and even better than the original. Stream (or download) his brilliant new remix of Peter Bjorn & John’s Second Chance below as well as the (almost as) brilliant original. And of course there's a truckload of other remixes to grab from Soundcloud and the RAC webpage.

Peter Bjorn & John - Second Chance (RAC Mix) by RAC

Peter, Bjorn & John - Second Chance by Posh Magazine

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