March 29, 2011

This and that...

Spent the entire Friday afternoon (where I was supposed to be working) checking promo mails. Regulars should recall the number of times (and they are quite a few) I’ve whined about this, but nonetheless the quality was worse than ever. These were the only slightly decent songs I came across (just to be fair - they are actually a lot better than "slightly decent").
+ CommunipawTwinkle
+ Fan ModineJulu Road

I’m probably not the only one who’s been waiting for this? Arcade Fire will be a Ballerup Super Arena (just outside Copenhagen) on August 27. Tickets go on sale on Friday.
+ Wake Up
+ Keep The Car Running
+ No Cars Go

Also listened to The Good, the Bad & the Queen (positively surprised how brilliant it was) plus (one of my all-time favorites) Architecture & Morality yesterday. Crossing two more albums off the list!

More to come…I hope…

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