April 7, 2011

Yada, yada, yada...

Was in Roskilde Monday and during the train ride in the morning from Helsingoer I listened to 37 of the 69 Love Songs from the Magnetic Fields triple album of the same name. Don’t think I’ve ever listened to the entire album, but the quality of the songs I HAVE listened to is sick.

Last.fm scrobbling is just one of many new features at Shuffler.fm. Talk about a vast improvement!

J.A. recommends this stunning newbie by The Arctic Flow. The track combines indie pop and shoegaze in an almost perfect way.

Check this excellent Lissvik remix of Det Vackra Livet's Viljan. Found via the PSL blog, which definitely is worth keeping an eye on; Even if you don’t understand Swedish.
+ Det Vackra Livet - Viljan (remix by Lissvik)

Julie Maria is this month's guest contributor at Mixtoverdener.dk.
+ De Dage

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