May 17, 2011

I'd like to build a house...

To help promoting the release of new album Konkylie, When Saints Go Machine shares first single Kelly as a free download.
Kelly by When Saints Go Machine

Danish rock act Knoxville has decided to part ways.
+ The King Is Dead

Next release on Shelflife Records will be/should be the debut EP from Balloon Magic. A perfect match if you ask me (you didn’t…I know), as this band has Sarah Records written all over it. 2 brilliant new recordings are available via SoundCloud and 3 older demo tracks can still be found at BandBase.
+ I'd like to build a house (new track)
+ Fell (oldie)

Don’t know who was responsible, but someone at Facebook posted a link to yesterday’s Amanda Mair post, thus directing loads of traffic this way. Thank you…however you are! To those of you, who still haven’t been introduced to the young lady, I strongly urge you check out the live performance I posted yesterday. If that’s too much of an effort for you, hopefully right clicking the link below and downloading her first single isn’t?
+ House

1 comment:

Jeppe said...

Hej Stytzer!
Jeg kan forstå, du får mange emails, så selvom jeg lige har sendt dig én, så får du en ekstra bemærkning her, måske ser du det tidligere. Vi er i Balloon Magic super glade for din interesse i vores musik, og jeg ville bare fortælle dig, at vi netop har opdateret sangene på vores Soundcloud, så det nu er de færdigproducerede og friskmastrerede versioner, man kan høre.
Ja ja,
Jeppe fra Balloon Magic