May 27, 2011

Mails, mails, mails...

Have plenty of mails in my inbox. 5,886 mails to be exact. Going to spend the next couple of hours trying to reduce that number. I could of course take the easy road and to delete them in bunches, but tonight I will try to see/hear/listen if any of them have anything interesting to offer. So hang around, come back later, press F5 etc. Perhaps something will pop up along the way...?

Kids On A Crime Spree has an album out on Slumberland Records. Sweet Tooth is a short and really cool 60/70's influenced sounding thing!
  Kids On A Crime Spree - Sweet Tooth by Slumberland Records

As always - far too many mails promoting remixes, tours, videos, mixtapes etc. Haven't bumped into any mails promoting hip-hop and rap...yet! Need a better spam filter...

Here's a really nice track by New York trio Field Theory. Hate bandcamp embedding! Instead you'll have to go to SoundCloud (embedding of this track isn't possible) to check out Head and the Open Rhyme. UPDATE: The band just saw this post and immediately mailed the song as well as okaying that I make it available for download. Terrific service guys!!!
+ Head and the Open Rhyme

"Hook-driven and powerful indie rock" is what the promo mail promises and that's certainly what you get from The Trophy Fire!
+ The Last American Phone Booth

Finding some quality stuff tonight (surprise, surprise), so deleting is slow...

Lion's Mouth by Young Rebel Set is quite a drama. Great video; even better song. Can't help thinking of Johnny Cash...
Lion's Mouth by youngrebelsetscloud

Taking a short break...have to put the kids to bed...and need more beer!

Started out fantastic, but the last 8-10 songs haven't been any good at all...some songs are jokes, though probably not intended as such...

Yay! New stuff from Letting Up Despite Great Faults!
Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Teenage Tide by lettingup

Some bands are still using Myspace?

This will the last song today...a very poppish tune by Saskatchewan.
Dreamboat by Saskatchewan

Still 5,785 mails left...

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