June 16, 2011

Girls tell you secrets...

I never got around to posting anything about Michael Møller’s performance at Charlottenborg (lack superlatives to describe the whole thing I guess), so here’s a picture instead. Had a pretty good seat me thinks!

Finns Delay Trees shares a third track from their self-titled debut album. Tarantula/Holding On differs quite a lot from the guitar pop sound of the two previous promo tracks, but absolutely brilliant nonetheless.
+ Tarantula/Holding On
+ About Brothers
+ Cassette 2012

Speaking of guitar pop. Check this track by Very Truly Yours from the band's forthcoming 7" single (to be released by Cloudberry Records).
+ Girls Tell You Secrets

Junica has posted this new track for streaming at SoundCloudWith the added news that an EP will be out at the end of the month!
Behind My Back by junica

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Julie said...

Det var sådan en fed koncert!