June 1, 2011

A Month of Unrequited Love...

Won’t blame you if you’re fed up hearing about Michael Møller by now, but I promise that this will be the second to last post on his A Month of Unrequited Love project. May is over and thus ended the project yesterday. Tonight Mr. Møller (with or without band - I don't know) will perform all 31 songs live at Charlottenborg in Copenhagen and unless the whole thing suddenly catches fire and the world demands an extended tour, this will be the only performance of its kind. Call it a once in a lifetime opportunity or call it whatever you like. I’ll be there and hopefully lots of others will as well. Starts at 6 pm and the admission is free.

Michael Møller - The Birth of a Song 

Michael Møller - Where the Wind Blows
Michael Møller - As You Walk Away

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