June 10, 2011

Thank you...Entakt...and goodbye...

One of my favorite Danish bands Entakt has decided that time has come to throw in the towel. But as sad as it may be, it’s hardly surprising, as I know that the decision had been brewing for a while. Unfulfilled potential is probably what will come to mind when I someday decide to dissect my memories of the band, as I’ve always felt they were so close to writing the perfect song and only a sniff away from a major breakthrough. And in the end I guess this was exactly what drove the band to the sad but inevitable decision; A lot of hard work and very little to show for it. As well as constantly having to live with the pressure of trying to keep the ship afloat. So time came for the band members to shake things up, start over and move on into a world without Entakt. And I doubt it's going to be a problem. Front man (guitarist, songwriter, producer etc.) Jonas Villumsen has previously published a number of solo tracks and I’m told that more songs are on the way. Guitarist (and songwriter and producer and etc.) Kristian Martinsen is busy writing songs with (and producing for) other artists and I’m pretty confident that will hear something from the other band members in the future as well. So thanks for the ride guys; it was a pleasure!…
+ Kunsten at Slippe Taget
+ Vinterbrud
+ Orkestret med det blotlagte skelet
+ Jonas Villumsen - Piteraq (20 Blaa Celcius)
+ La Volumes Jinns - Barcelona Or Anywhere But Here

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