August 8, 2011

Checking emails...

Time to work my way through two weeks' worth of emails. Will probably take a few days (understatement of the day).

A Classic Education shares the good news that the band will release their debut album Call It Blazing on 25 October.

Always nice finding a new Jens Lekman song in your inbox. Has yet to grow on me though!

J.A. recommends the classic shoegaze inspired and stunningly brilliant track Light Inside by My Violainé Morning.

As always there are far too many emails promoting concerts, hip-hop acts, remixes and junk in general.

To be continued (tomorrow)...

1 comment:

JA said...

This is Jenks lekman II. His voice is pure Jenks Lekman, but this song is better that Jenks Lekman´s last song. Lovely! :) Free download: