August 16, 2011


Every once in a while I spend a little time roaming around SoundCloud with the naïve hope that I will have the great fortune to stumble upon something even remotely interesting. After a slow start I’ve begun to like SoundCloud more and more, as it’s probably the closest we’ll ever (?) come to anything resembling what Myspace used to be; offering some of the same services (especially deep linking and songs tagged by genre), as well as giving you a small chance to unearth something no other blog has discovered. Unfortunately, as often was the case with Myspace, most of the music I find via SoundCloud, when trying my luck, is of such poor quality that it's really not worth anyone’s time. But nonetheless I spent some time yesterday digging deep into the vaults of SoundCloud and this is what little I found...

The Always Unprofessional has close to 10,000 followers and has posted 147 tracks, so this is hardly one of those unknown gems I’m always dreaming of finding. But despite being fairly popular, I don’t think I had ever heard of the band (or rather one-man project) before and since the track Starlet is a cool noisy lo-fi kind of indie pop thing well worth sharing, it - voilà - ends up here.

Before yesterday I didn't know that every single track ever released by Northern Portrait can be streamed at SoundCloud. Now you know as well (unless of course you knew this already and then shame on you for not informing me!).

I'm really not sure what I should think of this cover recorded by Canadian Laurent Aglat. Rather alternative but in a way not without charm...anyone old enough to remember the original?


Alba said...

Hei! Nå er det desverre lenge siden jeg har vært innnom bloggen din, men takk gud (?) for at du forsatt holder på!! I over ett år har du vært min faste musikk-oppdaterings-kilde, og nå kan jeg nyte det igjen. Takk! Aldri slutt! ;)

stytzer said...

Vil forsøge at blive ved :)

neon zoo said...

hi again.
great to see you are still blogging hard!

as you had some very kind words about Neon Zoo in the past, please do have a complimentary download of the new album O. It is free for a very limited period ... it is the full album and a 320k download... Neon Zoo O

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Solitudes said...

Hi, maybe you could try us at - the most crappiest crap ever >;) but at least we are no discovered by anybody yet :-)