September 23, 2011

Blah x 3...

What a shitty one today is. My throat is sore and I’m more tired than ever, so will most likely miss the Michael Møller concert at Louisiana tonight. Bummer!

Went to a birthday Tuesday evening and spent parts of the evening chatting with a 50 year old attorney. By that I obviously don't mean that there is anything wrong in being either 50 years old or an attorney. But at some point we (of course) ended up talking about music and must admit I was pretty surprised (and rather impressed) when he suddenly declared his love for "this band named Beirut", which he clearly thought I had never heard of. Didn’t see that one coming, but perhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship?
+ Postcards From Italy

Tempomatador shares a new track named Sværmeri, which, to be correct, is a new (and vastly improved) recording of demo track Ny Puls that I posted back in March.
+ Sværmeri

Sweden’s bakers at dawn shares his fine cover of Fleetwood Mac's Storm.

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Larry F. said...

Booo...sick and on the weekend too.
Hope you feel better soon!