November 29, 2011

Dating demons...

Since this track by Alaska In Winter was uploaded to SoundCloud just yesterday I thought it was a new one. However I’ve just found out that it was included on an EP that was released as far back as in June (I received thousands of emails, but why didn’t any inform me about this release?). Also learned that Brandon Bethancourt has been battling all kinds of personal problems, probably explaining the EP title? Demons sounds pretty good mixing electronic sounds with Balkan vocals (or at least so I hear it)…
Demons by alaskainwinter

Check out this new track by the great (but horribly named) The Sexual Outlaws.
+ Adventures In Dating

Seems like Danes On No Ono have decided to split up. Whether or not this decision was ignited by the studio run by two band members was robbed last month, I obviously cannot tell, but still sad no matter the reason(s)…
+ Helplessly Young

Anyone heard any track(s) from the forthcoming Vince Clarke/Martin Gore (VCMG) release EP1/Spock? I’m expecting the worst and fearing (if possible) even worse. Hopefully I’m going to be proven wrong here!

December is coming and the Xmas tracks have started to arrive in the mail. Guess I’ll make a kind of Xmas compilation again this year including the best of previous years plus a few of this year’s new arrivals.

Chorus Grant (which I mentioned in a brief post on Friday) has posted a new track for streaming at SoundCloud.
Big Guns by Chorus Grant

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