December 21, 2011

Lilly at the doctor's...

I swear on whatever I can possibly swear on that I’d normally never listen to a band called something as amazingly awful as Lilly Wolf and Dr. Nu. My first and only reaction would probably be “they can’t be serious” and then move on, as my expectation would be that with a name like that the band has to be playing dreadful monotonously pounding electronic dance pop music that will only appeal to a seriously drunken crowd on holiday in Ibiza (and the photo certainly doesn't leave with any other impression!). But Alex (who’s the male half of the duo) wrote me a real nice mail and commented on various things I had written (you all know I’m a sucker for that), so in return I thought I’d give their music a quick listen…and know what? They do in fact play electronic dance pop music with heavy beats, but rather amazingly the songs aren’t dreadful at all! Not even close. All 5 tracks available are melodious and catchy as glue, and thus show a far more talented band than I ever expected. Which is quite refreshing for a change! Just with they’d come up with a better name!

Love Too Serious by Lilly Wolf and Dr. Nu

The Devil You Know by Lilly Wolf and Dr. Nu

3 more tracks are free to download via SoundCloud.

UPDATE: At SoundCloud the duo has deleted the "and Dr. Nu" part and is now called Lilly Wolf. I like that much better!

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