January 19, 2012

Crystal voyager...

Listening to new Danish duo Crystal Voyager is a really interesting, but at the same time slightly schizophrenic experience. Of the four demo tracks that are now streaming at SoundCloud the first three are very 60’s inspired (think Pet Sounds), while the final track Take My Shades suddenly turns out to be greatly inspired by the dark electronic sound of the late 70's, early 80’s (think Joy Division). But according to Jakob, who makes up half of the duo and also the second half of Forgotten Fields on Fire, this is one of the advantages of being a new band/side project, as no one is expecting anything and you can more or less “go” anywhere your inspiration takes you. So for now there will be no “red thread” in this project and the duo will continue recording whatever they feel like. Or at least I’m hoping they will carry on, as this definitely is something that should get beyond the demo stage and evolve into something more than just a side project!

Before You Arrive by Crystal Voyager

Take My Shades by Crystal Voyager

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