January 6, 2012

From the mailbox...

As written a few days ago; no New Year's resolutions, but it's my intention that I will try to check out more of the stuff arriving in the mailbox this year than I managed to last year. Since I've made these kinds of posts several times before, you ought to know exactly what you're getting. Some great music (at least I hope you think so as well) and next to no writing...

+ The Minor Leagues - Ghost Maps
New album out on January 31.

+ Elika - No One Gets Lost
According to Ulrich Schnauss, Elika is "an incredibly exciting, radical fusion of shoegaze and electronica elements".

+ The Denzels - Black Girls
Energetic and catchy! Do check out the second track Rae Rae from the Easy Tiger EP.

Stick around...who knows what will pop up (in this post or in one or more new posts), as there are still a billion emails or so left to go through...

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