January 26, 2012

Mails and such...

Think I’ve been quite disciplined recently and done my best deleting mails from the inbox. Still the number has now reached and rapidly surpassed 10,000! Ten-thousand (or 10,103 to be exact)! Suck on that for a moment. If I spent one minute on each, it would take me a little more than 168 hours or exactly a week checking them all. So if you’re still awaiting a reply; forget about it and move on…

As always one of the big challenges, when your mailbox is cluttered like this, is to spot the important ones from the “spam”. Experience does help though, as there are some “safe bets”. Like for instance news from Shelflife Records that (almost) always equals good news. And in this case it certainly is, as the label has just released (co-released with New Romantic) the Over the Bluffs EP by The Holiday Crowd containing 7 ace guitar pop songs.
+ Never Speak Of It Again

Not all too happy to write this, but I do think that the new single by The Mary Onettes is a slight disappointment. But as it says in the promo mail: “Gone are the echoing reverbs, the 80's guitars and the big, splashing drums...”. That might explain some, though hopefully I just need to listen to it some more?
+ Love's Taking Strange Ways

Should have but haven’t mentioned that Jonathan Johansson will be playing at Koncertkirken in Copenhagen on February 10. Have (of course) bought a ticket, but have yet to find out if I’ll actually be able to go, as both kids are going to parties that evening…
Jonathan Johansson - Blommorna by HYBRIS

The annual Matinée fanclub poll is always a good reader. Even though it’s a Christmas song, Leave The Trees Alone by Northern Portrait won the category “song of the year”. Of course it did!
Leave the Trees Alone by Northern Portrait

On February 2 Fraction Discs will release the sophomore album from Liechtenstein. Promo package has been downloaded and looking forward to giving the album a listen!
+ Ambitions


Anonymous said...

uh, Liechtenstein... baabaabaabaaa! :) Good times!

Chris said...

that was me, btw. ;)

stytzer said...

Guessed that ;-) Still waiting for you to make a new visit to Denmark, without a sore throat and without having to worry about the return trip :)