July 18, 2012

Morning angels...

This is so unbelievably wonderful...stream or watch Morning Angels; the debut video from Indonesian dream-rock/shoegaze act My Violainé Morning. Thanks to J.A. for the heads up! Actually the entire debut album The Next Episode of This World is downright awesome and I can only recommend that you stream it at SoundCloud!

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Musikfresh said...

Greetings from India!
so nice to see you cover this.. two more songs from Indonesia if you care. 1) http://soundcloud.com/indie-skies/themilo-dreams 2)
Love your blog in many ways!. Your personal touch being the cherry on top..
I recommend you this monthly podcast by Bruce Dale http://soundcloud.com/everything-alright ..if i am not wrong, it is kind of close to your musical tastes.. Thanks so much for this blog..great style..please keep up.