August 31, 2012

This and that...

Still busy...and lazy...

This sucks in a major sucking way. The utterly brilliant The Holiday Crowd will be at Stengade on September 7 and since months I have other and completely non-cancellable plans for that evening. If ever, now is the time to us the f-word!
+ Never Speak Of It Again

Check the line-up for this year's Indie Pop Days Berlin and let your heart be filled with envy...unless of course you're one of the lucky bastards who are going!
+ Azure Blue - Little Confusions

In a promo mail Victories At Sea promises that "there will be something new for your eyes and ears very soon". Future Gold was (and remain) one heck of a track, but can't live on that track forever, so new material is eagerly awaited!

On his Facebook page, Northern Portrait frontman Stefan confirms that the rumours about a new EP are in fact more than just rumours. Another rumour, started by Stefan himself, suggests that it will be released in September, though of course it doesn't say what year...!
+ Crazy

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