November 8, 2012

Time for a change...

Been lacking the drive to update the blog for quite some time now and though it has been updated fairly regularly my heart has not been in it. This has more than once made me ponder, if the time had finally come to throw in the towel and thus free myself from the burden of blogging. But since the blog has been quite an integral part of my life the past 8 years (met quite a few people and made one or two friends), I’ve always rejected that idea. However it’s no longer possible to ignore that things need to change, as the blog is a joke right now and rapidly dying. So to (hopefully) regain the passion for blogging, I’ve decided to switch language and will continue this blog in my native Danish. Perhaps just for a while, perhaps permanently. I honestly doubt anyone will notice or care, but to me it will be a huge and most welcomed change!


Juan Luis said...

Please, don't leave us helpless! I've been around for a long time now and it would be a pity no to surf my favourite blog of them all. I'm very sorry not to be able to know Danish. Even English is not my mother tongue (Spanish is). I check some blogs dayly bust this my number one. And I know what I'm talking about: I've been a record shop owner for more than 20 years. Keep the spirit my friend.
Greetings from Spain.
Juan Luis

stytzer said...

Those were very nice words thank you :-) I'm sorry, but this was the best of the two options and I hope that the music will speak for itself (so please do check back). If you need info/words on some of the thingsI post, leave a comment and I will do my utmost to post something in English!

Mikkel said...

Hilser det velkommen og vil afgjort kigge forbi oftere efter det nye tiltag :D

wally said...

Hey there,

I have to tell you that this is my favorite music blog of all time -- if you like a song, i know i will, too. I'm bummed that you're feeling a bit disheartened and that you switched languages, but i'm glad you kept the blog going!

The one big bummer for me, and i know i'm hopelessly old-fashioned, is that so many of your posts are streaming-related instead of downloads. Your blog was one of the best aggregators of free music out there. Now it's very rare for a free song to be posted. Why is that?

Thanks for sticking around!

stytzer said...

Hey Wally.

Thanks for the comment and the nice words!

The lack of free downloads is probably caused by fewer and fewer free downloads being offered by bands and labels. They just post soundcloud, bandcamp etc. links instead. Understand it must be frustrating if you want to put the songs on your computer, but I've always tried not to post anything I've not been allowed to or at least comfortable with. Will (and that's a promise) post the MP3's if they are legally available.

Hope you will continue to visit the blog - even though it's in Danish!


Anonymous said...

whatever the language you choose, this continues to be one of the most thoughtful of all music sites, full of great sounds and is much appreciated... all the best!

stytzer said...

Thank you - whoever you are :-)