October 2, 2013

Three quick ones...

Spent far, far, far too much time this morning installing my new computer at work, so today time is a valued commodity. So this will be short...

A couple of  months ago, I was (and actually still am) really high on the single Over & Over by UK singer Sivu and now he has a new track out called I Lost Myself...which (fortunately) is a pretty damn fine pop song as well!

You probably have done so already, but if you happen to be one of the few, who hasn't, I strongly urge you to stream the new Azure Blue album Beyond the Dreams There's Infinite Doubt (you can do that right here). Honestly, seriously, scout's honor, hand on my heart etc. Pop music rarely gets more delicious than this!

And while you're over at Soundcloud you simply "have to" stream the new and (by me at least) highly anticipated Prince of Spain album His Majesty. On the short side clocking in at less than 30 minutes, but it will certainly be among the best half hours you will spend this year!

Sorry, but I did tell you that it would be short!

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