December 6, 2013


Things are still very quiet around here. As I've mentioned before; I'm using Twitter more and more these days. Getting in touch there might prove to be a better idea than emailing me!?

Vote for Rosenthal to help them make Barometerlisten (a Danish radio chart - know they'll appreciate your help).

Just ordered my second CD of the year. And of course it's the new Northern Portrait release called Ta! A can't miss compilation covering every track released by the band that wasn't included on the 2010 debut Criminal Art Lovers.

New and really nice dance pop release by NY act Lilly Wolf. But for whatever odd reason it's not possible to embed it. Instead it's available for free right here:
+ Nightmare

Interesting new Danish constellation The Mountains will play their debut concert on February 21 at King Christian IV's Brewhouse. The combination of band and venue is simply too interesting to be missed, so see you there...?

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