January 20, 2014

Cold Monday morning...

Someone somewhere must have a sick sense of humor. Up to the start of 2014 the winter in Denmark was probably among the warmest ever, but just around the exact moment earlier this month, when I was finally allowed to resume my running career, King Winter decided it was time to wake up from his slumber and return to action. Not only making it cold, but extremely windy (fucking hate wind – runners generally do) as well. Thank you so very, very much for trying your utmost to tear down whatever little motivation I’m able to build up, but please do go on if you like; you won’t stop me!

This glorious track by NY shoegaze duo The Blessed Isles popped up on SoundCloud not so many hours ago. Taken from the band’s forthcoming LP, which will be out later this year and if the rest of tracks are able to even remotely match Chase Away the Sun (truly not a very good title for a song on a day like today) it most certainly will be a real treat for any fan of the classic, epic, dream-pop sound.

Alphabeat, not exactly among the most featured bands around here, has decided to take a break to let the band members focus on various other musical projects. Recently lead singer Stine Bramsen lent her voice to Carpark North (which resulted in the surprisingly strong 32 – stream below) and today her debut solo single Prototypical hits the streets (hmmm – that’s a completely outdated expression – should probably be hits the airwaves and streams near you instead). Already picked up by Danish radio (it’s this week’s Uundgåelige (inevitable) on P3) and the live session version of the track was praised by a number of foreign bloggers last week. Actually I did hear the song on radio this morning and to be quite honest it didn't leave much of an impression! But then the video hit my mailbox earlier today and I decided to give it a few more spins. And I really should be to "experienced" to be surprised of what happened, because like it's often the case with a great song, it required a small effort before I fully started appreciating it. The song does no mark a radical career change or anything, because just like Alphabeat this is still pop music (though the track has a slight gospel feel). But it's less summer and bubblegum, has a far more mature expression without forgetting that most important thing is that a great pop song has to be catchy; and it sure is!

A preview of the song (apparently meaning that it's not the complete version)...

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