March 26, 2014

The Facebook experiment...part six...

Another 20 "likes" in 6 days, so the number of thumbs ups has now reached 124! Trying to make up my mind, when it's time to stop calling it an experiment...200 likes perhaps?

Some stuff I think you should check out, unless of course you have already done so...

The stunningly brilliant Open Wounds by French new-wave trio The Division. One of the band members was so kind to share the Facebook post, which by far is the one with the highest total reach (207)...thank you!

The gorgeous debut single Distant Drive (which for some reason cannot be embeded) from new act The Luxembourg Signal. Stream.

The really, really wonderful All The Time from Helios/Keith Kenniff.

The catchy and dynamic debut (one more of those) single Young In Mind from Danish/Swedish act Waitress.

The official video for Til Tomorrow by DWNTWN. Single of the year?