February 14, 2005

Kent: Best Of

Today's pick is not exactly an official release, but instead a "self-designed", "home-cocked" 16 tracks "Best Of Kent" album. Downloaded the new single "Max 500" Friday evening and have listened to it over and over again since then. Unfortunately this is not one of the best songs by the band, but still a pretty good effort. Anyway - who could hate any song by the best band in the world?
Crossing my fingers and hoping that they will visit Denmark this year! And of course still very much looking forward to the new album in March.
Best songs:
All of them!! But these are the tracks on the album (all are in Swedish, because the English versions are downright horrible):
1) Max 500
2) VinterNoll2
3) 747
4) Beskyddaren
5) Chans
6) Dom Andra
7) En Himmelsk Drog
8) Istället För Ljud
9) Kr�m (Saa N�ra Faar Ingen Gaa)
10) Kungen �r D�d
11) Om Du Var H�r
12) P�rlor
13) Saker Man Ser
14) Socker
15) Sp�kstad
16) Sundance Kid

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