February 11, 2005

New Order: Substance 1987

The past month (since turning 36) I've started more and more to listen to music from my teenage years. Don't know if it's some kind of mid-life crisis I'm going through, or if I'm just having another nostalgic trip back to the 80's?
New Order was the first band I ever saw live, way back in 1984. Only remember that they played Temptation and Love Will Tear Us Apart, and that the sun was shining. But I guess seeing this band wasn't the worst concert "debut" imaginable?
Substance is a remarkable collection of songs, which definitely have aged beautifully!
Best songs:
1) True Faith
2) Bizarre Love Triangle
3) Ceremony (Doesn't this one sound a bit like their 1993 single "Regret"?)

New album added to my CD-Collection:
Ian Broudie: Tales Told

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