March 17, 2005

I wasn't able to log on to yesterday. So this is a mix of what I intended to post yesterday and a couple of new thoughts (yep - I DO actually think every now and then)!

Tuesday 3 new albums were added to my CD-collection:
Kent: Du & Jag Döden
Idlewild: Warnings/Promises
Stereophonics: Language. Sex. Violence. Other?

Listened to Kent 10 (ten!) times yesterday. Still far to early to post any "review" or final verdict of the album, because I think the album definitely deserves the chance of growing. Especially since my expectations were extremely (unrealistically) high.
However I'm probably not revealing too much when writing that my first impression was something like "it's OK, but somehow I think they could do better"? But first impressions are, well, first impressions and not always to be trusted. So at this point I'm ready to make an upgrade from OK to Good, though I cannot help being of the opinion that the album doesn't fully match the potential of the band. Then again - I probably listened to Hagnesta Hill 30 times before "getting it"!
More comments on this album will follow!

Check out these reviews of the album:
help the aged (in English)
bjö (in Swedish)
gaffa (in Danish) (in Danish)

Poor Idlewild and Stereophonics, because it will probably take quite some time, before I will give there albums proper listens.

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