March 18, 2005

Kent: 400 slag

According to the WMP play count I've listened to the opening track of Du & Jag Döden 30 times! Obviously this does not include the number of times I've listened to it in the car and at home. It's a great song when played on the computer, but absolutely fantastic when played very, very loud on the stereo at home or in the car.

Critics are of course pointing their fingers towards the song (and several other songs on the album) claiming that it sounds exactly like New Order, The Cure, The Mission and other bands did in the 80's. And indeed it's pretty obvious where the inspiration for this song came from, but should I really care as long as I like it?

And the total play count for the rest of the album is 215 so far!

I guess it will be a good idea to listen to some Saybia songs this afternoon, because I'm going to see them in concert tomorrow. Saw them play 2 brilliant concerts 3 years ago, so hopefully there's another great gig to be looking forward to?

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