March 31, 2005

In my CD-Collection blog I have tried to make a "desert island" selection of 20 albums. Not that many surprises in there I guess, when you take my music taste in general into consideration? Needless to say, making a selection like this is a rather "painful" experience, because obviously there are a lot of great friends that you cannot bring with you.
So what criteria should you use when picking? I mean since you're stuck on a desert island with nothing but these 20 albums and probably haven't got anything better to do (except maybe searching for food) than spending your time listening to them, chances are that you will be getting tired of them rather quickly. So should you pick the ones you really like right now, your favorites from the past or those with a high (expected) longevity? Could it be a good idea to pick a couple of jazz classics, because you know that it will take at least 50 listens getting into them? Or maybe choosing a Wagner Opera would be an idea? Picking The Ring of the Nibelungen would give you 14 CDs worth of music on one album - but would you listen to it more than once?
Anyway - in my case I decide to pick 10 of my all time favorites and 10 rather new favorites or albums I expect have a good chance of becoming favorites someday. But my 20 picks are most likely "the flavor of the month", so there is a great chance of them being revised over and over again in the future.
Finally (of course) there is the burning question regarding electricity on a desert island, but I assume that whoever it was who invented this "picking music for desert islands" has a solution for that problem! Maybe access to some long-lasting batteries?

At there is a discussion thread called "Top 10 Favorite Songs at the moment". Looking at the top 10 posted by the person who started the thread, the songs don't necessarily have to be new ones.
So I took a look at my play count, scanned my memory for songs played at home and tried to remember what songs I've been listening to while driving. The result was that I picked this mixed bag of 13 songs (simply too difficult just picking 10) as my current favorites:

Kent: 400 slag
Interpol: Take You On a Cruise
The Dresden Dolls: The Jeep Song
The Smiths: There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
Fans of Kate: Tape 23
The Stone Roses: I Wanna Be Adored
Bright Eyes: Another Travelin' Song
The Arcade Fire: Rebellion (Lies)
Wilco: Kamera
Grandaddy: Now It's On
Pink Floyd: Poles Apart
Prefab Sprout: When Love Breaks Down
Coldplay: Talk

Afterwards while going through the songs I had picked, I realized that making these kind of lists isn't that easy. I definitely forgot the following songs:

Badly Drawn Boy: You Were Right
The Radio Dept.: Where Damage Isn't Already Done
Cocteau Twins: Heaven or Las Vegas

My current favorite album (or at least the one that refuses to leave the CD player in the car) is the debut by The Stone Roses. I've just recently bought it (the UK version, but have ordered the US version as well), but I can't help asking myself what I was doing back in 1989 when it was released. Well I do recall buying The Seeds of Love by Tears For Fears and listening to She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals, but apart from that I don't remember all that much. Can anybody enlighten me?