April 1, 2005

Rufus Wainwright: Want One

Tonight Keane will play live in Copenhagen, but the Danish media seems to be far more interested in the warm-up artist - Rufus Wainwright. One newspaper actually wrote that they thought it was a very "brave" move by Keane, because they believe that there is a huge risk that the band will be overshadowed by Rufus. Well I originally bought my ticket because I wanted to see Keane, but all the hype surrounding Mr. Wainwright has indeed made me curious.

So to be well prepared and to get in the right mood for the concert I'm (again) listening to Want One. So far it's been a very slow mover and I must admit that I've had some problems getting into it. Not still totally convinced about his genius, but I'm planning to listen to it in the car (VERY LOUD) on my way to the concert. This will hopefully be the "break-through".

Will try to write a few comments about the concert on Monday.

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