April 6, 2005

Check out this very nice article (in Danish) about Psychocandy by The Jesus and Mary Chain. After reading the article I immediately got inspired and had to listen to the album myself. Luckily I ripped the album on to my computer at work when I bought it, so the listening pleasure was nothing but a simple double-click away!
Still prefer the less noisy follow-up Darklands, though Psychocandy unarguably contains some of the bands finest moments (e.g. Just Like Honey and Some Candy Talking).
Again this is an album I've just recently discovered (far, far too many of those albums), because at the time of it's release in 1985, I was busy listening to Howard Jones, Nik Kershaw, China Crisis etc.

I have previously written that my boss is trying to convince me that the only kind of useful music in the world is jazz. So (again) today I tried to listen to the two jazz masterpieces A Love Supreme by John Coltrane and A kind of Blue by Miles Davis. Today it actually felt like I someday will enjoy listening to this kind of music, but I better no let my boss know about it, because then he will start bombarding me with all kinds of Jazz CD's.

Inspired by the above stories I really ought to post something on the transformation process my music taste has gone through during the years. I've enjoyed listening to music all my life (my mother can confirm that), but the range continuously seems to be getting wider. My father once claimed that once I turned 25, I wouldn't be listening to anything but classical music. Unfortunately we didn't make a bet on this, since that would have been a sure winner. Back then (that's 11 years ago now) I wasn't really investigating the works of Mozart or Beethoven, but instead working very hard on getting into Nirvana, Metallica, Pearl Jam etc.

So what really strikes me when writing this (which I'm doing while listening to the - in my opinion - very overrated Kid A by Radiohead) is that instead of settling down (music wise) when growing older, I feel a stronger and stronger need to explore the world of music. I never thought I could be this "open-minded" as I am today, but since this attitude has given me many unexpected listening pleasures, I guess there is no reason for changing anything?

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