April 7, 2005

Thursday morning ramblings.......

I ordered 6 CD's this morning. The total is now 10 CD's, but I should be able to pick up Sensuous and Thirteen Senses today. Scroll down and see the complete list on the right.

On the right you will also find a list of the albums (those I know of) I will buy as soon as they are released.

On 11 March I wrote that I was looking forward to the new Idlewild album and that my expectations were high. Nearly one month later I haven't really listened to it at all. It's time to change this and so far I've played the album twice today! Still to early to tell if I will rate this higher than The Remote Part, but no matter what I do think that Roddy Woomble is a brilliant singer!

My wife is pregnant, so in October we're going to become parents for the second time! Do I wish for a boy or a girl? Honestly I don't care as long as the new one will be as crazy, energetic, witty and lovable as his or hers older sister.
I'm working very hard to make our daughter love music, but maybe I'm a little too ambitious (after all she's just 2 years, 8 months old). I have several times (unsuccessfully) tried to make her pronounce the words that would make me a very proud father: "Kent is the best band in the world". But she definitely recognizes the piano intro of Everybody's Changing by Keane and knows for sure that U2 is her mother's favorite band!
So despite our tireless efforts it seems impossible to remove Winnie the Pooh as the undisputed no. 1 on her personal idol chart!

I went to football/soccer practice last night. 20 players showed up and we were split into two teams. My team won the game 3-2, but the best part obviously was that I scored all three goals! I simply have to write about this, because I'm rather well-known for missing even the biggest of scoring chances instead of actually scoring. So yesterday certainly was a career highlight ;-)

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