April 28, 2005

Exactly 3 weeks ago I wrote that only 553 Danes were registered as users at Audioscrobbler. Since then the number has grown to 673 (+120 users), which is a nice growth of nearly 6 users a day. Denmark has recently "cruised" by Portugal and now "we" will try to catch Austria (735 users) ;-)

My current total of tracks played is 5509, so 491 songs to go before I'll post my next Audioscrobbler update!

Another pretty cool thing about Audioscrobbler is their recommendation feature. My music profile is compared to other users with a similar music taste (my so-called neighbours) and then suggest bands/artists I haven't listened to!

Among the recommended artists are:
Velvet Underground (An album has been ordered)
The Libertines (Don't like these guys at all, so they won't appear on my tracks played list)
Pulp (I own an album by them, but they've never really been my "cup of tea")
Broken Social Scene (I have downloaded some songs, but haven't listened to them yet!)
Björk (Not a chance - see my comment on The Libertines)
The Who (I have found Who's Next at the library. I'm looking forward to hearing that one!)

plus another 94 artists, because a top 100 is generated!

1 comment:

Michael said...

You have good taste in music. I am currently listening to Underworld, Depeche Mode (Voilator), and my Plastic Electronic Compalations