April 15, 2005

Finally my blogger seems to be working. And Audiscrobbler and Last.fm seem to be working just fine too, so I guess it's about time to take a look at the songs I've played on the computers at home and at work.

So far I've played a total of 4474 songs by 349 artists/bands, which is an average pretty close to 13 songs per artist. Since my last statistical update which took place on 29 March I've played a total of 1413 songs by 183 different artists.

Previously I've listed my top 10 artists overall, but since my top 50 list now (finally) updates frequently at Audioscrobbler, I thought it would be more interesting if I listed the top 10 artists since my last ranking.

Top 10 artists for the period 29 March - 15 April:
1. New Order (76 plays)
2. Kent (58)
3. The Jesus and Mary Chain (51)
4. The Raveonettes (45)
5. Moi Caprice (42)
6. The Cure (39)
7. The Stone Roses (38)
8. Bright Eyes (33)
9. Moby (32)
10. Neil Young/The Rolling Stones (31)

Summed up I've played these 11 artists 476 times (average 43) the past 2.5 week. More specifically this means that every third song played on my computer during this period has been by one of the above mentioned artists.

Next update will be posted (if blogger.com allows me to), when the number of tracks played reaches 6000.

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