April 16, 2005

Saturday evening ramblings (amazingly no beers are involved!):

A new door opened yesterday! I downloaded Kashmir by Led Zeppelin and oh my god - what a brilliant song that was! I'm definitely going to check out more Led stuff!

I bought Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth earlier this year, but have struggled getting into it. However the breakthrough could be just around the corner, because I've been listening to Teenage Riot quite a lot the past few days.

Two CD-singles (EPs) arrived in the mail yesterday. They won't be added to my CD-collection (Albums only), but I thought I'd mention them nonetheless. The singles are called Tape 23 and I don't know what to with my hands and both are releases by the very talented British band Fans of Kate. I ordered them through HMV and apparently I was among the first who bought the new single, because I received a limited copy, signed by the band! Very nice! Here's to hoping that this band will be BIG.

Actually one more CD arrived yesterday, but that wasn't exactly an officially released album/single. I'm currently participating in a "CD swap" organized through RateYourMusic and today I mailed a CD (contents mixed by me) to the 6 other members of my group. The idea is that within the next few weeks I should receive 6 other CDs (one from each of the other ones), which hopefully will introduce me to a lot of new music.
So far I've received just this one CD, which I haven't listened to yet. But the selection of songs and artists looks very interesting.

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