April 25, 2005

Thoughts on the Kent concert Friday evening in Vega:

The concert was supposed (at least this is what we were told) to be some kind of "test", with only new material being played. Despite this the band managed to sell out the concert in almost no time leading/forcing them to play an extra concert Saturday evening.
In my opinion this meant that (nearly) everyone at the concert were huge fans of the band (who else than hardcore fans would paid that amount of money to act as a guinea pig?) which created a really great and intense atmosphere!

As I expected they played 400 slag as the opening song. The bass/drum intro makes it perfect as a "starter"!
Since no one in the audience thought they would be hearing any of the old songs (we probably all crossed our fingers, but hardly expected this) the opening whistle of Dom Andra didn't exactly ruin the atmosphere and made more or less everyone look as if they had won the lottery!

The band played with a lot of energy and Joakim Berg looked as if he had a great time on the stage. Whether this is true or not, I don't know, but he sure looked like he enjoyed performing the new songs as well as playing some great versions of the older songs! Especially the version of En Timme En Minut was memorable.

Summed up the set list contained a nice mix of old (7) and new (8) songs, though several other "oldies" like Utan Dina Andetag, Saker Man Ser etc. would have looked great on the set list as well.

But I've decided that when writing this I won't criticize (it always seems so easy to do that) anything, because in spite of any complaint I might have it was still f*cking brilliant.

The set list:
400 Slag
Dom andra
10 minuter (för mig själv)
Palace & Main
Max 500
Du är aanga
En timme en minut
Romeo aatervänder ensam
Musik non stop
Döda vinkeln

Ingenting naagonsin
Mannen i den vita hatten (16 aar senare)

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