April 26, 2005

Songs on heavy rotation:

Asobi Seksu: Walk on the Moon
This song was included on one of the CD's received in the CD swap. I have often been thinking of checking out the band and this song sure hasn't changed my intentions. Nice one!

The Lucksmiths: Point Being
I've mentioned the band and song before, but it won't hurt doing it again. Another great song that I've learned about because of the CD swap.

Kaiser Chiefs: You Can Have It All
Drove home from Copenhagen last night (takes 40 minutes) and the only song I listende to was this one. Not your typical rock song, but rather a nice, simple pop song!

Fans of Kate: A Brief Guide To Coward Rock (Demo)
B-side on the "I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands" single, but could easily have been choosen as the A-side. Great song, which adds further proof to the huge talent of this band.

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