May 2, 2005

The Carpark North album just keeps getting better and better. Check out Best Day and Fireworks.

One of my colleagues has recorded a CD at his home studio and I've just received my copy. The 11 track CD is called Short Songs and Instrumentals, but (of course or (rather) unfortunately) it's not an official release. The CD primarily contains Spanish inspired music, but a superb bluegrass version of a Danish traditional (on my recommendation) and a very popular Danish Children's song are included as well. That guy can play guitar like a dream and I've often asked myself what he's doing here! He should be a recording musician and instead he's a software programmer! Talk about a bad career move!

This is not music related in any way, but I'm catching a cold. Therefore I'm drinking gallons of herbal tea. Since it tastes like sh!t I really hope it will run the cold "out of town".

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